Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Tracklist [artist, title]

1. Tony Antoniou, Send In The Night (instrumental mix)
2. David Joseph, You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) [Larry Levan Mix]
3. Jay Tripwire, Acid Sun (Original Channeling E.T.I. Mix)
4. Alexny, Umbele
5. Airpeople, 7 Deadlies
6. Lake Haze, Aranha Vermelha
7. Polito, Seventh Limb (Original Mix)
8. The Acid Kids, I Love You
9. Reymour, Je te tiens, Tu me tiens
10. Martial Canterel, Larktro
11. Gamma Intel, Argwaan
12. Obergman, Julius Mosca
13. Santoro, Lover Message (12” Version)
14. Man Friday, Groove (Larry’s Yaw)
15. XL Middleton, Where You Get Your Funk From? (Radio)
16. Throwback Zack, Teezy’s Groove
17. Poncho C. Saint Fingers, When I Come Knocking
18. Soul II Soul, Jazzie’s Groove (Piano Groove)
19. The Jacksons, I am love (the long version)
20. Mark, Dreamland (Instrumental)
21. Jet Set, Love Break (Original Mix)
22. Theo Parrish, Maurissa Rose, This Is For You (Special Version)
23. Unknown, Para Ti (CC Rework)
24. Katmandu, Don’t Stop (Jim Hopkins DJ Tool Edit)
25. Dj Kaos, Spiral Jetty
26. Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert, Hurting (I:Cube Bonus Beat)
27. Mfon, Dance of the drunk mantis
28. The He-Men, Nonsense
29. Up Front, Infatuation (Dub Version)
30. Up Front, Infatuation (Frankie Rodriquez’ Influated Re-Edit)
31. Jomanda, Make My Body Rock (Devastatingly Dubbed)

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