This week’s show was jam packed! Looking forward with music from the depths!

Tracklist [artist, title]

1. Kid Machine, Small White Object
2. Redray, Cromatics
3. The Acid Kids, Help
4. Interchain, On Air (Interstellar Funk Remix)
5. Redray, Cromatics
6. Róisín Murphy, Murphy’s Law (Cosmodelica Remix)
7. Franz Scala, Gladio
8. The Jaffa Kid, Istrasat
9. Linkwood & Other Lands, Theme for City
10. Peech Boys, Life Is Something Special
11. SONNS & The Mole, Space Machine
12. Caltrop, Rolling Thunder
13. KUMP, Nomor
14. DJ Fett Burger & Stiletti Ana, Smell The Gasoline
15. Bell Towers, After Party at Jackson’s House
16. Low Tape, Untitled
17. Liaisons Dangereuses, Dias Cortas
18. Jonas Friedlich, Gizzea
19. Hooverian Blur, Phantom Space
20. Jackson Ryland, Crystal City
21. Denham Audio, Volt
22. Dawl, Subject 91
23. Locked Club, Sooooo Funky
24. The Black Dog, Age Of Slack
25. Jensen Interceptor & Lake Haze, Kode
26. Millia Rage, Affliction
27. Cyan85, Bay Of Sampieri
28. Composite Profuse, R.I.P. R.XX Studio
29. Athens Computer Underground, V.A.L.I.S.
30. Metro Zee, Turtle GoPro
31. Blawan, Rain
32. Regis, Disease Through Affection
33. Timothy Clerkin, Ciervas
34. DJ Plead, Going for It
35. Luca Duran, Life Wires
36. UC, Wake Up

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