OMAKASE, episode 116a
Airdate: 9/17/2017
*Tracklist* [artist, title, release, label]

  1. Chicken Lips, Wind Ya Neck In, Extended Play, Kingsize Records
  2. The Drunk, Drunk Drum, Re-Edits Pt. 2, Rong Music
  3. Irving Martin & Brian Dee, Indianapolis 2 (The Bronx Dogs ‘Funkanapolis’ Mix),
    Music For Dancefloors: The Best Of The Chappell Music Library Sessions, Strut
  4. Soulphiction, Whizzdom & Understanding, Cheerleader, playhouse
  5. Shrinkwarp, Illegal Entry (Chicken Lips’ Heavy Heavy Dub), Illegal Entry remixes, Discfunction
  6. Roy Ayers, Hot [Dub remix], Hot 12″, Columbia
  7. Spencer Jones, I Want You [Secret Mix], I Want You 12″, Elite
  8. Spencer Jones, How High, How High 12″, Next Plateau
  9. Prince Charles and The City Beat Band, We Can Make It Happen [Vocal Mix], We Can Make It Happen 12″, Electric Ice Records
  10. Brian & Zan, Pump Your Body [Club Version], Pump Your Body, Sound of New York
  11. State of Grace, That’s When We’ll Be Free [Instrumental], That’s When We’ll Be Free, Profile
  12. The New York Gang, Let’s Rockett [Special USA Club Mix], Disc-O-12
  13. B-Biz-R, Sucker For Love, Sucker For Love 12″, Magnet
  14. Mike Simonetti, Everybody Dub, Mike Simonetti’s Circadian Rhythms, Public Release
  15. The Honorable Mr. Top, Lunar Launch Candidate [Cadet Mix], Fantasy, Fact and Figment, Inner Sunset Recordings*

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