Tonight’s guest is Dj Garth, one of four British DJs who, along with Jeno (noisefromthevoid), Thomas Bullock (Rub n Tug, Map of Africa), & Markie Mark reinvigorated San Francisco’s dance scene in the 90’s with their iconic Wicked parties.

His Grayhound Recordings label is credited with defining & capturing the west coast sound from that period. Many of Garth’s productions working with ETI and Markie Mark are represented on the label along with a slew of definitive west coast artists like Harvey, Wicked, RaSoul and Perry Farrell. Wicked Sound System have been throwing parties as a crew for three decades.

In 2007 Garth started the Golden Goose re-edit label with James Glass. Under the guise of King & Hound they re-edit under-valued dance cuts that stand to benefit from a 12″ release.


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