Tonight’s guest is dj/producer, Christian Kestar. Part of GOODLife collective and a resident at COSMIC afterhours in Orange County, CA. For more info, catch him on Instagram or here.

Gold Code Tracklist

#. Artist, Title

  1. Stupid Set, Hear The Rumble
  2. Odopt, Incident
  3. Vladimir Dubyshkin, I Decided To Fly
  4. Lydia Eisenblatter, Modulate (Lenson Remix)
  5. DJ Loui, Keep Breakbeat Evil Visit
  6. Craig Bratley, From The Dat
  7. Vladimir Dubyshkin, Pigeon Epilepsy
  8. Odopt, Chaba Waltz
  9. Paranoid London, The Music
  10. Ghettohousedrummachine, my own
  11. Romare, Gone
  12. PTU, Mstera
  13. Hodini, Where’s the Wine
  14. Szch, Lover
  15. Scan 7, Here to There
  16. Biz, Don’t Stop
  17. Project Pablo, Out to Lunch
  18. Kapote, Jaas Func Haus (Sworn Virgins Mix)
  19. Golden Bug, Supernova (Original Mix)

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