Great mix of proper techno from dj/ producer @israel-vines

OMAKASE, episode 90a
Airdate: 3/19/2017
DJ: ISRAEL VINES (Eye Teeth, Los Angeles)

Israel Vines is from literally everywhere. Having spent formative rave years in Detroit, working at Gramaphone in Chicago, he now lives and works in Los Angeles.

He first made an impact with his label Borrowed Language, doing a number of split EPs and collaborations with Jeff Pietro, where the two created a strange combination of thunderous Birmingham Techno and modern Bass Music.

To date, Vines has remixed Erika, Makaton, and Stave with releases on Cult Figures, Semantica, Horizontal Ground [in collaboration with Chicago artist Kit Gearyas as KGIV] and most recently on Interdimensional Transmissions’ new sub-label, Eye Teeth.

TRACKLISTING [artist/title/label]
AARON SHINN – Tribute To Sanctuary – (Unreleased)
ALFREDO MAZZILLI – Njord (Clay Wilson Remix) – (Forthcoming on Blankstairs)
EVIGT MORKER – Nada Reincarnation – (Semantica)
DJ SPIDER – Prophetic Technology (Volte-Face Remix) – (BleeD)
ARCHETYPE – Glyph 03 (A1) – (Was / Is)
ZACH LUBIN – Lessons In The Uncouth – (Obvio)
WATA IGARASHI – Mood Of The Machines Pt. 1 – (The Bunker New York)
ABDULLA RASHIM – Vestal Witness – (Northern Electronics)
TALKER – Battle Standard – (Forthcoming on Standards And Practices)
ORPHX – Sever The Signal – (Sonic Groove)
ORPHX – Zero Hour – (Sonic Groove)
ALEX ALBEN – Chimera – (New York Trax)
ZACH LUBIN – Kinetics 4 – (Obvio)
IORI – Birds – (Semantica)
MOTIONEN – Imago – (Ascetic Limited)
CORAX – Wægbora – (Rodz-Konez)
UUN – The Old Gods – (Ego Death)
DEMDIKE STARE – Airborne Latency – (Modern Love)
DEMDIKE STARE – Overstaying – (Modern Love)
BIRDS OF PREY – Black Vulture (Patrick Russell Remix) – (Kathexis)
DEATHNESS – Illuminaughty – (Self-released / Bandcamp)

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