OmakaseShow49A_David Javate

#DavidJavate is a San Francisco based DJ and producer. Brought up on new wave, industrial and acid house, David has always been interested in exploring the grey area between organic and synthetic sounds.

Check out his his latest venture, Contract Expand Recordings.

DJ: David Javate

TRACKLIST [artist, title]

  1. Oliver Deutschlann, Flangers
  2. Bleak, Night Serpent
  3. Inland, Dromolaxia
  4. Alderaan & Mental Resonance, Man from Earth 3 (Pfirter remix)
  5. Sonic Solution, Beat Time
  6. Blue Hour, Falling Lines
  7. Milkplant, Dimension 4
  8. Kirk Degiorgio, Dark Fire
  9. Exium, Nucleoid (Lewis Fautzi remix)
  10. Bleak, Night Serpent (Stefan Vincent remix)
  11. Abstract Division, Passenger
  12. Roberto Clementi, Carre
  13. Mike Dehnert, Say How
  14. Mike Parker, Spitting Electricity
  15. Heiko Laux, Fernweh (Marcel Dettmann remix)

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