A long awaited mix from one of my favorite collaborators and musical brothers-


Originally recorded February 13th, 2016,
OMAKASE X VINYL DREAMS in-store, San Francisco, California USA

Episode: 46a

TRACKLIST [artist, title, album, label]

  1. Trus’ Me, Narda, Working Night$, Fat City
  2. Frank Booker, Brothers, Brothers, Untracked
  3. MFO, Future City Traffic Pt 2, Dekmantel
  4. Zoovox, Transistor Madness, Transistor Madness, Lectric Sands Records
  5. M. Mayer, 17&4, Kompakt
  6. Paperclip People, Oscillator, Oscillator, Buzz
  7. Black Deer, Apex Break, Long Island Electrical Systems
  8. Truffle Club, Gone Blue, Gone Blue, Dissident
  9. Red 7, I Lost My Shoes On Acid, Red 7 Sfire,
  10. Creta Kano, Skyway Motel, Skyway Motel, Happy Skull
  11. Bill Converse, Sea Bering, Meditations/Industry, Dark Entries
  12. Le Car, Cinematic Automatic (Heinrich Mueller Remix), Comin’ From Tha D (Installment 3.0), Intuit-Solar
  13. Orson Wells, Ratio, A Connection, 777 Recordings
  14. Semesters II, Strength Music Recordings
  15. Omar-S, Still Serious Nic, Still Serious Nic, FXHE Records
  16. Baby Ford, Normal (Is it Normal? Club Mix), Normal Re, Rephlex

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