tracklisting [#, artist, title]

  1. Raar, Le Pendu
  2. Galaxian, Storm Coming
  3. Mike Parker, Voiceprint: Voice Two
  4. d.i.e., Out With The Old
  5. Ragga Twins, Wipe The Needle (Original)
  6. Cybonix, let your body rock
  7. d.i.e., Dance Floor [instrumental]
  8. Galaxian, Strap On
  9. Jackyl & Hyde, get down to my technique
  10. Galaxian, Daisy Cutter
  11. Steve Poindexter, Computer Madness
  12. Bintus, Reincarnated Savage
  13. Afro-Rican, Give It All You Got (Instrumental)
  14. OCB, Computer Default
  15. Denise Rabe, Sunday Blues (Rrose Remix)
  16. Armando, Down Fall (The Advent Pay Your Respect Remix)
  17. The Advent & Jason Fernandes, Reap What You Sow
  18. Information Society, nothing sacred
  19. Detroit In Effect, Rob The Bass
  20. Mateo Murphy, Bring It Back
  21. Boys Noize, Hardkotzen (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
  22. Parris Mitchell, follow me
  23. DJ Stingray, Mindles
  24. Datashat, Stop The Message (Widescreen Edit)
  25. Sync 24, Memory Bubble (Jensen Interceptor Remix)

NRVVS [ten trax, memphis/ los angeles]

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