Anyone who spent the best years through the 90s into the early oughties in San Francisco, and the last decade in the LA underground knows the name TK is synonymous with inimitable dance floor-rocking expertise of the highest caliber.

Whether solo in his former extended guise as TK Disko, in collaborative formations as Split Secs along with his label Machine Limited co-founder SONNS, or readying the world for retrofuturist rave rockers as Warehouse Preservation Society with DJ Tavish, 1/3 of Second Language with Pacific Horizons, or as founding member of notorious DJ and production collective 40 Thieves, quality comes first and foremost – along with ensuring everyone sweating under the mirror ball is having a damn good time.

TK cut his teeth as a mainstay of legendary SF venues such as The Trocadero Transfer, DV8, Bulletproof, Sunset and King Street Garage. He’s one of the few local SF DJs invited to guest at the legendary Wicked nights and was picked by DJ Harvey as the resident warm up for his running Rx night. Drawing on a deep knowledge of music history as a selector in the classic sense, TK effortlessly traverses many styles, eras, and continents, mixing in new and old, making both sound fresh and relevant, with sonic excitement guaranteed. In addition to playing alongside some the greatest names in the field from Jeff Mills, Tony Humphries and Pal Joey to Idjut Boys, Optimo and beyond, TK clocks late hours in the studio concocting fresh forward-thinking sounds for the future, as only a bona fide veteran with a deeply-rooted past like he can.

OMAKASE, episode 192
Airdate: 4/28/2019
DJ: @tkdisko


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