Caltrop returns to OMAKASE with another stellar mix and a new ep out on Perfect Location!


OMAKASE, episode 133a
Airdate: 1/14/2018
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OMAKASE, episode 133b
Airdate: 1/14/2018
*tracklist, artist, title*

  1. Bronx Dogs, Candida Royale
  2. Gary Davis, HEARTBEATS [KNOE1 MIX]
  3. Mark du Mosch, Adrift
  4. Aleksi Perala, UK74R1408024
  5. Peel MD, uFRIBBI
  6. Anderson M., Next Stop
  7. FIT SOUND, Part Four
  8. Ernestas Sadau, Crackheads From Lyon
  9. Lady Blacktronika, Gods & Planets (original mix)
  10. Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais, Peaceful Panic
  11. Italoboyz feat. Blind Minded, Sti Drumsy (Original Mix)
  12. Frak, Sync Rebate
  13. Jeremy, Rhythmus 1
  14. Trevor Jackson, I Want U
  15. Iori, Grit (Skudge remix)
  16. Ryan James Ford, Alist Flirc
  17. Love Ammo, Alive N Direct (Knoe1 Dub)
  18. Aleksi Perala, GBLFT1740074 (Original Mix)
  19. SFV Acid, Lil Gurn
  20. Sandwell District, Silent Servant (Regis Edit)

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