R.I.P. George Michael

OMAKASE, episode 78b
Air Date: 12/25/2016

Tracklist [artist, title, label]
1. @avalonemerson, Dystopian Daddy, Ghostly
2. @philgerus,
3. @ike_release,
4. Rio.D, I Got To Make It (I Got To Acid), Rio Records
5. Louie Vega, Brutha Basil, Freedom Of Dance (It’s The Beat) (Roots Nyc Dub, Groove Odyssey
6. Shinichi Atobe, Butterfly Effect, DDS
7. @andrew-weatherall, The Confidence Man (The Emperor Machine Dub), Rotters Golf Club
8. Todd Terry Project, The Circus (It’s Just In Dubs), Fresh Records
9. Wham!, Everything She Wants (@tareqdisco Edit)
10. Wham!, Everything She Wants ’97 [Todd Terry Radio Edit], Epic
11. Manuel Costela, First Time, 2Phonic
12. @newjackson, Made It Mine, Permanent Vacation
13. Nackt & Kendig, Night System, @theniteowldiner
14. Annie, Tuff City Kids, Labyrinth (Club Mix), Permanent Vacation
15. Throwback Zack, Last Christmas,

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