I feel like it’s been forever since I played my own show! Been blessed with a bunch of awesome guests, so no worries. Here’s a selection of tunes I’m digging at the moment:


OMAKASE, Episode 64a

Tracklist [Artist, Title]

1. Tom Of Brooklyn – Summerjam
2. Lord Funk & DJ Moar – Heavybreaks
3. Formule Express – Starter
4. Lake Haze – Red Horizon Acid
5. Black Ice Productions – All My Friends (So Happy Mix)
6. Lord Funk & DJ Moar – Discotek
7. bluespirit – una mui bonita
8. Rony Breaker feat. Jay Sebag – I Feel Loved (Ashley Beedle Vox Mix)
9. Quando Quango – Atom Rock (Mark Kamins New York Remix)
10. Sharif Laffrey – Key Jam A.C.I.D
11. Caltrop – Mimikri
12. Black Ice Productions – Men On Drums
13. Fantastic Man – Fittin’ & Turnin’
14. NYC Loft Trax – Track 5
15. Paranoid London – We Come To Rock
16. Mood Hut – Better
17. Gonzales & Peaches – Red Leather (Adam Goldstone Re-Edit)

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