Been awhile since I played some proper techno and provided a tracklisting. ENJOY!

OMAKASE, episode 89b
Airdate: 3/12/2017
DJ: Gold Code
*Tracklisting [artist/title/release/label]*
Optic Nerve, Origins, Reassimilation EP, diametric.
TWR72, Cactus, Cactus EP, Planet Rhythm Records
AUX 88, Annihilating The Rhythm (Detroit In Effect Remix), Mad Scientist Volume 3, Puzzlebox Records
dynArec, All Automatic, Exomove EP (Elektronische Werke Part 1), Solar One Music
Rebekah, Resolution, Cult Figures 3, Cult Figures
Bas Mooy, Exiles (Original Mix), CLR presents Mind Sets:Rebekah Sampler 2, CLR
Le Syndicat, Noise Domination, Maximalist, Daft Records
DJ Rush, Da Flow, Major Power, Kne’ Deep
Jerome Hill, Dustbin Acid, Paper Bag Acid, Super Rhythm Traxx
Luke Eargoggle, I Do For You, Atari Nightshifts, Kondi
Jamie Haus, Absolute Zero, Cactus EP, Planet Rhythm Records
Trus’me, I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix), Remixes Part Three, Prime Numbers
Energun, Loop distribution (Kereni remix), Loop Certainity, Android Muziq
Robert Hood, Untitled, The Protein Valve, M-Plant
Matt Whitehead, A Is For Acid, Limited 20th Edition, Don’t
Glenn Wilson, Meat Market, Punish Allstars – Vol. 3, Punish
CHRIS MOSS ACID, Getchu (vocals), Righteous Acid Beats, Computer Controlled Records
Savas Pascalidis, Synergy Original Mix, Those Shadows, Stockholm LTD
Doc Sleep, Geospatial, Detour 005, Detour

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