TRACKLIST [artist, title]

  1. African Nightflight, Brubaker’s Skank [2019 Remix]
  2. Helena Hauff, Spirals of Smoke Drifting From Soot Stained Chimneys
  3. From Raushenburg, About Fritz
  4. Cecil Parker, I’ve Been Missing Your Loving
  5. Beard In Dust, Can’t Get Enough
  6. Waffles, 49 Gang
  7. The Emperor Machine, House De Lowe
  8. Reedale Rise, Breath Control
  9. Gunnar Haslam, Cacique De Poyais
  10. Billy Ray De la Haye, Oceans Filled With Lines
  11. Benedikt Frey, Cali Stroll
  12. Third World, Try Jah Love
  13. Yvette Cason, Cash Play
  14. Michael Hart, Some Girls
  15. Linda Jones, Body Fever
  16. Distinction, That’s The Way I Like It
  17. Barbara York, Tonight
  18. Scott Franka, Stacey’s Pink Cadillac
  19. JETS, U-N-I
  20. Detachments, H.A.L [Andrew Weatherall mix]
  21. Sublevel, Just Us [DM’s Subtribal mix 2009]
  22. Kemetic, I got Life [DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Mix]
  23. Local Artist, Fruits
  24. Rome Jeffries, Good Love
  25. Onra, Keep on Loving Me
  26. Plaisir, Visa Pour Aimer

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