OMAKASE, episode 108a
Airdate: 7/23/2017
*tracklisting [artist, title, release, label]

  1. The Hypnotist, Pioneers Of The Universe (Solitary Dancer Edit)
  2. Invite, Mercer, Act I, Propoganda Moscow
  3. Developer, Sangre Por Oro, Developer Archive 2, Developer Archive 2
  4. Blancah, Revoada, AUTHENTIC STEYOYOKE #010, Steyoyoke
  5. Johannes Heil, EXILE 008, EXILE
  6. Viers, Nothing Beats Rock, A Moment In The Machine, Dream of Dystopia
  7. Sync 24 X Privacy, Hard To Tell, Split Excursions Vol. 1, Cultivated Electronics
  8. Monosoul, Just a Break, The Breaks, Axe on Wax
  9. Exilles, Rapid Acid, XY, Involve
  10. Nexus 21, Still…life Keeps Moving (Carl Craig Remix), Still (Life Keeps Moving) (The Detroit Remixes), Network Records
  11. Defcat, On the Groove (Original Mix), THERAPY, Great Stuff Recordings
  12. LA-4A, Alarm (Chirp Mix), I Feel Lit, Unknown to Unknown
  13. Randomer, Velvet, Smokin, L.I.E.S.
  14. Shawn Shegog, Living In The Dark Side (The Dark Side Instrumental), Living In The Darkside, No Name Records
  15. Developer, Horns from the West, Sangre Por Oro, Developer Archive 2, Developer
  16. BOSTON 168, 707 sing, Revelation, Involve Records
  17. Linear Synthesis, Cycloaddition, Datafunk 1.0, Abstract Forms

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