OmakaseShow50_FLOPPY DISCO

OMAKASE celebrates it’s 50th show with a guest mix from dj resident emeritus, FLOPPY DISCO mixing 50 tracks!

Catch FLOPPY DISCO in The Lunar Saloon, every Friday from midnight to 3am streaming on

DJ: Floppy Disco
TRACKLIST [artist, title, album]

01. Andy Loore, Water Show, Water Show
02. Orchestra Valter Rizzati, Modello 70, Addio Juna
03. Asha Bhosle / Hemant Bhosle, Sansani Khez Koi Baat, Sansani
04. Machine, There But For The Grace Of God Go I, Machine
05. Dance People, Dance People (Disco Mix), Dance People
06. The Chequers, Theme One, Rock On Brother
07. Frank Hooker & Positive People, Rock Me, Rock Me
08. Ken Elliott, Body Music, Body Music
09. Freddy The Flying Dutchman And The Sistina Band, Wojtyla Disco Dance, Wojtyla Disco Dance
10. Tapps, My Forbidden Lover (Instrumental), My Forbidden Lover
11. Fun Fun, Happy Station, Happy Station
12. Luna & Black Connection, Flame, Flame
13. Disco Dance Machine, Love Dance, The Androids
14. Caress, Catch The Rhythm, Caress
15. Basil & Rogers, Flavie and the Wolf, Basil & Rogers
16. The Draughtsman, Geschmacklos, 1694 EP
17. Hubbabubbaklubb, Lille Søte Svanse, Mopedbart
18. Sunflower, Love Is Magic, Love Is Magic
19. Claudia, Do You Wanna Dance With Me, Don’t Give Up (Your Love)
20. Monet, Give In To Me, Leave The Lights On
21. Goon Squad, Powerdrill, Powerdrill
22. Air Force 1, See The Light Feel The Heat (Dub), See The Light / Feel The Heat
23. Dr. Jerky, Higher (Part Two), Higher!
24. Georges Rodi, Contested Planet, Space
25. Empire, Zombie, First Album
26. Krisma, Cathode Mamma, Cathode Mamma
27. Slim Pezin, A5 – Break Rendez-Vous, Percussions Modernes (Volume 2)
28. Vulcans, Journey Into Space, Star Trek
29. Leonard Nimoy, Follow Your Star, Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space
30. Sleep D, Ishca, Bacon
31. Midnight Savari, Rimshots, Pinisi
32. GTO, Listen To The Rhythm Flow (Make Some Noise), Listen To The Rhythm Flow / The Bullfrog
33. Johnny Dynell, Rhythm Of Love, Rhythm Of Love
34. Kristal, Fallin’, Ête Super / Fallin’
35. Chaz Jankel, No. 1 (Manhattan Mix), No. 1
36. Chicco Secci Project, N.E.W. Y.O.R.K. (Flight Mix), N.E.W. Y.O.R.K.
37. Sleep D, Bacon, Bacon
38. Shining Star, The Stranger, The Stranger
39. Basil & Rogers, Midnight Fantasy, Basil & Rogers
40. P. G. & P., Mandingo, Mandingo / Call It Love
41. Intercity Sound Association, Alaska Flight, Phillysound
42. The Brian Bennett Band, Clearing Skies, Thunderbolt
43. Lalo Schifrin, Dragonfly, Black Widow
44. Tim Maia, Ela Partiu, Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul of Tim Maia
45. Pierre Cavalli Et Son Orchestre, Passarinhos, Jungfraujoch…. ….Rio De Janeiro
46. Elias Rahbani, I Love You Lina, Mosaic Of The Orient (Näi, Buzuk & Guitar)
47. Yuji Ohno, Uniform Of Fear, Proof Of The Wild
48. David Perian Orchestra, Crazy World, Happy Music And Crazy Music
49. O.Rocchi / F.Godi, Confutabile, Pop-Paraphrenia…..
50. Scorpio, Ensem’ … Ensem’… , Ensem’ … Ensem’…

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